Darren Moore – London Green Party MEP candidate

The European project is one of the greatest movements of our time and has been responsible for implementing some incredible Green initiatives like improving our water and air quality, reducing working hours and tracking and reducing our CO2 emissions. With our planet sending us louder distress signals almost daily there has never been a more […]

Clean Air Day

It’s National Clean Air Day today, so I wrote the following letter to my MP. Hi Ruth, Congratulations on your re-election to represent the people of Chiswick again. I am extremely concerned about the air pollution situation in this country and the lack of will by the current Government to address this with a cohesive […]

When IT goes bad – a story of PCWorld and DPD system failures

Timeline of how PC World and DPD deliveries completely fail their customer. 27/03/2017 @ 10:49 I made an order for 3 items with my PC World business account. The PC World website did not confirm which delivery address the order would be shipped to. 27/03/2017 @ 10:50 I received the confirmation email from PC World […]

The Carbon Cost of Skiing

We love to ski almost as much as we love the environment but there is an obvious conflict between the two. The two factors that most concern us most are the CO2 emissions from the travel and the air pollution from vehicles in the vulnerable mountain regions. Looking into travelling to Mt Blanc, we found […]